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Hello! We are Ethiclee - a 100% New Zealand owned and managed company. Ethiclee specialises in ethical products, providing a range of boutique shops for high quality goods that have low environmental footprints and are sustainable, compassionate and fair. is one of our boutique shops offering high quality pet products, which includes sustainable eco-friendly non-factory farmed food and durable cruelty-free (non-leather) toys.

Ethical Pets was born out of the paradox we pet parents face. On the one hand, we want to provide our fur kids with the best nutrition we can, and on the other hand, we want to ensure we are not harming other sentient animals to do so. This is not so much a problem for our herbivore kids, but certainly is an issue if we have adopted dogs or cats. So it feels a bit like this:

Artist: Pawel Kuczynski

Dogs are less of a problem as they are hearty eaters and eat vegetation readily. So feeding them a vegetarian diet with optimum nutrition is not that difficult. There are also numerous veggie dogs in the world today - pet parents just need to ensure carefully that all the nutrients they need are being met, including hard bone-like objects for chewing to keep their teeth clean.

Cats on the other hand are obligate carnivores. It is not in their nature to eat vegetation hence if a human prefers a veggie fur kid, it's probably better to instead adopt a bunny or a guinea pig and NOT a cat.

Another dilemma we face as pet parents is grappling with the negative impact pet food production has on our planet. Meat is extremely resource intensive and as demand for not only pet food continues to rise, but demand for premium pet food meat, our pets now have a significant ecological footprint.

We do not support factory farming,

and hope that you will too by boycotting pet products that come at the expense of systemised animal suffering.

So how do we try and balance these dilemmas?

Ethical Pets tries to help by offering ethical products for your dog and cat kids that are compassionate to other animals, better for the planet and good for them. We offer natural and veggie pet products, and ensure all accessories are non-leather

We recommend combining  vegan options with mussels and wild pest-control meat to ensure good nutrition for your canine and feline companions whilst also reducing their ecological footprint.

Choose a better world. Shop Ethiclee!


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