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DIY Pirate Party Set x 4

DIY Pirate Party Set x 4 (click image to enlarge)

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It’s a wild Pirate party!

You will have great fun to build and decorate the pirate ships, treasure chest and the included pirate dolls! Party idea: Have your pirates hunt for treasures according to the included treasure map and fill their chests with loot.

This Pirate Party Set is ideal for keeping those wannabe Captain Jack Sparrows entertained at home or with their friends at a party. It encourages them to use their imagination,  and with no cutting or gluing necessary, it's stress and mess free!  A black outline marks the design but it can be coloured or painted in anyway you like.  Fabulous activity for calming things down when the party gets a little out of hand, or as a lovely prize gift or party favour.

Calafant Pirate Party Set x 4


  • 4 Sets each containing pirate ship, painting mat, treasure chest and two figures
  • White cardboard with printed lines
  • 12 felt markers, washable
  • All pieces are already pre-punched on stable, white cardboard and can be put together without glue and scissors.

Calafant toys are solely designed to satisfy children in their need for creative play. The models have three stages of play - buildingdecorating & playing - perfect for keeping children busy for hours!

Each model is made from sturdy, yet light and flexible partly recycled cardboard which is fully recyclable and specially produced to ensure it can be easily decorated but not easily damaged! The models come with illustrated instructions and thanks to a clever fold-and-slot system can be built easily without glue. Once the child has outgrown or outplayed it, the model can be recycled instead of being thrown away and sent to landfill.

Calafant Party Sets

With the Calafant Party Sets, your party is guaranteed to be great! These sets allow your little guests to create their own princess or pirate toys and also serve as beautiful decoration. You’re all set : Calafant party sets are a wonderful party craft, and each kid gets to take his or her toy home!

The sets come with 4 kits each and enough markers for 4 children to decorate. You can buy the exact number of kits you need by purchasing the additional sets of 1 kit (no additional markers included).

abt. 46 x 25 x 21 cm

Recommended Age
5 -9 Years

Country of Origin
Made in China for Calafant Germany

These toys can be recycled at the end of their life instead of being thrown away and sent to the landfill - yay!

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