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Organic Creamed Coconut Butter


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KOKONATI Organic creamed coconut is cold-pressed & certified organic. Also known as Coconut Butter, it is actually crushed coconut meat in its own oils (the organic virgin coconut oils).

Creamed coconut gives a rich creamy flavour to curries, cakes, biscuits and deserts.

Kokonati Organic Creamed Coconut - 200g or 500g glass jar

  • Certified Organic
  • 100% Crushed Coconut

Creamed coconut is ground coconut concentrate. It can be used for desserts/smoothies/non-dairy creamer & raw foods. It contains all the fibre of the coconut meat and is high in MCT's as it is composed of 70% of fat (the good fats that kick start the metabolism!).

Creamed coconut can be used to make a creamy coconut milk (that can be used in curries & sauces), in desserts (it sets in the refrigerator) and in raw foods as it is cold processed.

It can also be used as a dairy free creamer for tea and coffee.

It tastes divine simply spooned off the jar too!


  • 100% crushed coconut meat in it's own natural oil.

Unlike commercial coconut milk or coconut cream cans which are mainly composed of water, Kokonati creamed coconut does not have any added water. NO water content. It also contains all the fibre that is normally stripped off in the coconut milk and coconut cream versions.

As the oils and the ground coconut meat tend to solidify in 2 layers esp in colder climates, before first use it is best to warm the jar by placing it in warm water and giving it a good stir and letting it set uniformly.

Creamed coconuct is a coconut concentrate, a food ingredient and not a cooking oil.
Best used slightly warmed, if high heat is used - it will burn.

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Country of Origin
Sri Lanka

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