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Wild Palm Flower Syrup


Past it's best before date but still fine to use. To lessen unnecessary food waste, reduced to clear.

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100% Treacle derived off sap taken from the Wild Palm Flower and is a natural sweetener. This is made from the unfermented and concentrated sap tapped from the flower of the Caryota Urens tree.

Kokonati Wild Kithul Treacle - 350ml glass bottle

Locally called 'kithul paani' in Sri Lanka, it has a unique taste and aroma that is similar to maple syrup, and is considered a healthy alternative to granular sugar.

  • 100% Natural
  • Chemical-Free
  • No Additives 
  • No Preservatives


  • 100% Pure Wild Palm Flower Sap concentrate

“Kithul” is a Sri Lankan name to a variety of palm scientifically known as Caryota Urens that grows in the Asian tropics. It is a species of indigenous flowering plant in the palm family from Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India. They naturally grow in the wild, in forest covers, in fields, in rain-forest clearings and even in home gardens. This palm has been used as an ornamental tree in the Philippines. They are commonly called solitary fishtail palm, toddy palm, wine palm or jaggery palm.

“Kithul” treacle and jaggery are products made from the sugary sweet sap obtained by tapping the young “Kithul” inflorescence according to a traditional methods. This traditional knowledge was a highly guarded and much valued secret, kept within families and handed down from generation to generation with the techniques being unmatched and not practiced in any other country in the region.

“Kithul” treacle, also called “Kithul honey” is similar to maple syrup and made from pure sap for a unique taste and aroma. Since it is an all-natural, chemical-free products with no additives or preservatives, it is a healthy alternative to granular sugar. In Sri Lanka, treacle is a “must-have” accompaniment to curd and a common ingredient in baking.

“Kithul” jaggery is produced by concentrated treacle heated to 200°C until it reaches a consistency similar to that of a thick syrup. It is then poured into moulds and cooled. It is a traditional unrefined non-centrifugal sugar ready to use as a natural sweetener with tea, herbal tea, sweet and savoury dishes, or simply enjoyed on its own. It is also used as an ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes across Sri Lanka.

Best Before
Jan 2016

Country of Origin
Sri Lanka

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