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Raw Organic Cacao Butter


Not only does Cacao Butter add a certain richness to your food, it also retains all important nutrition as LifeFoods Raw Cacao Butter has been cold-pressed, and is certified organic.

It's the perfect butter replacement, without the bad stuff!

LifeFoods 100% Raw Organic Cacao Butter - 250g

  • Certified Organic
  • Raw
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

LifeFoods 100% raw cacao butter is derived from pure Heirloom Ecuador Arriba Nacional Cacao beans. This cacao is grown in high-elevation volcanic soil and the beans are carried down from the mountanious regions via donkey back.

The Arriba cacao trees are a minimum of 30 years old, and some have been growing for more than 80 years! Because this is such a pure quality cacao bean, you will have zero jitters from this product. 

The Arriba cacao trees that thes ebeans are sourced from are only nourished with rain water or deep mountain spring water. They are never irrigated from potentially contaminated rivers and streams.

The cacao beans are always sun-dried and are never gas dried and remains 100% raw from start to finish.


Raw Organic Cacao Butter

Health Benefits of Cacao Butter

  • This rich butter is composed of essential fatty acids Omega-6 which are important for your brain function, they help your skin and hair to replenish and help you maintain strong bones whilst regulating metabolism.
  • In cacao butter there is monounsaturated Omega-9 which is also called oleic acid (is what is found in olive oil) and may be good for the health of our heart.
  • It is a plentiful source of Vitamin E making it great for your skin.
  • Finally it's chemical and hexane free so you can eat it knowing you are getting a whole food.

Did you know?
Cacao contains a unique type of fibre which is perfect for human digestion and no matter blended or micronized, it will still aid bowel movements.

How to Use Cacao Butter
Use as a replacement for butter, spread on toast, or as a cooking ingredient in desserts.

It is perfect for making delicious healthy chocolate treats - you can add it to your desserts, ice cream and it makes a decadent chocolate sauce when gently melted with cacao powder and agave syrup.

Traditionally it has also been used as a moisturiser and massage oil, being especially good for babies bottoms as it is rich in vitamin E, it is also a great addition to natural organic based cosmetics such as soaps and lip balms.

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November 2016

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