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Organic Nicaraguan Medium Grind Coffee

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From deep in the Nicaraguan rainforest comes this well-rounded single origin organic coffee - with good body, fragrant and bright acidity. This coffee has good body and a satisfying flavour.

Organic Fairtrade Nicaraguan Medium Grind Coffee - 200g

  • Fairtrade
  • Organic

Coffee Profile

  • Body: Medium
  • Flavours: Citrus flavour, herbal with an acidy snap
  • Dimensions: 200 G
  • Medium grind: suitable for plunger and drip brewing methods

By buying this coffee, you support and improve the lives of disadvantaged producers. When Trade Aid purchases coffee, coffee growers receive a fairer, higher income than they otherwise would. This extra income is critical to farmers, as it helps to ensure that they can feed their families, educate their kids, and allows their communities to invest in health, education and environmental projects - giving them hope for brighter futures.

Much of the conventional global coffee trade simply isn't fair. Volatile coffee prices regularly lead to poverty and hunger for coffee growers all over the world. The price they receive for their coffee often falls below the cost of production, yet they have few alternatives to growing coffee. Buying fairtrade coffee provides a solution to this problem.

Enjoy this quality coffee knowing you have made a difference!

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To contribute to sustainable improvements in the quality of life of families of small-scale coffee producers


  • To promote and encourage the development of self-management capabilities of co-operatives and of the rural families who comprise these co-operatives
  • To promote co-operative education and the development of relations of brotherhood, co-operation, exchange and solidarity between the co-operatives and our partners and other actors in socio-economic development
  • Promote the ability of member co-operatives to strengthen the co-operative movement; nationally, regionally and internationally
  • Contribute to improving gender equality and equity and the socio-economic position of women
  • To contribute to improving incomes and thereby improve the socio-economic status of the families who comprise our base co-operatives
  • To develop economic capacity, production and business to improve the income of members.
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