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Açaí is a small, dark purple berry that comes from the açaí palm tree (Euterpe oleracea). The berry is grown in the Amazonian forests of South America. It has a flavour that's somewhere between dark chocolate and wild berries.

Why Açaí berries?

  • rich in proteins, vitamins B1, C and E, minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium and potassium
  • rich in anthocyanins, which are potent antioxidants
  • it is an excellent energy replenisher
  • contains essentials fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 which helps in the regeneration of cells, reduces cholesterol and helps with heart problems
  • extremely rich in organic vegetable proteins (has more protein than eggs) that do not produce cholesterol during its digestion and it is much easier to be digested and assimilated by our body than animal protein.

Pure Jungle Organic Açaí - 100g pack

  • Certified Organic
  • Low-Glycemic
  • Freeze-dried superfood power
  • makes more than 6 x 360g traditional Açaí bowls

Why freeze dried?
The freeze drying process is a method of drying frozen foods inside a vacuum at extremely low temperatures so the product remains in its original uncooked state. Freeze dried products do not need preservatives to give a long shelf life, as the low moisture content means they are shelf stable due to the freeze drying process alone. The process removes moisture while preserving most all of its desired properties and flavour.

Why organic?
How foods are grown or raised can impact both your health and the environment. Eating 100% organic ensures you’re getting food free of chemical preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically engineered products. Also, in Brazil organic food must grow in an environment that considers social, environmental and economic sustainability and enhances the culture of rural communities. Pure Jungle organic açaí is certified organic by the Ecocert Group.

With the above in mind you can be sure this nutrient-rich food is at their best as it was produced by minimal processing and organic agriculture.

Imagine being able to create your very own homemade Açaí Bowl...
With one of these packages you can make more than 6 x 360g Açaí Bowls. You can also create your own smoothies, desserts, yogurts, beverages, raw foods, etc. Being a delicious low-glycemic berry that provides exceptional amounts of antioxidants, omega fats, protein and fiber, all your food creations will become a Superfood!

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Recipe - Homemade Açaí Bowl

Yes, you can create your very own Açaí Bowl using  a domestic blender. The below recipe is for the traditional Brazilian base of an Açaí bowl. 

Ingredients you will need for a 360g bowl:  

  • 3 tbsp of Pure Jungle Organic Freeze-Dried Açaí Powder (about 15g);  
  • about 12 cubs of ice;     
  • 1 medium (ripe) banana;   
  •  1 tbsp of organic pure maple syrup, local raw honey or agave syrup;     
  • water - just enough to get ingredients blending.

Tips for blending it:

  • It is better to add your banana (soft ingredients) first and then add the ice - this helps the blending process.   It is also a good idea to start blending with "pulse" option only and then finish with a 1 minute blend on high speed.
  •  If it gets stuck during blending, stop the blender, open the lid and shake. Try blending again. If it’s still stuck, slowly add a bit of liquid and try again. Do not add much liquid at a time as you don't want your Açaí bowl to turn into a smoothie.
  •  It is best to use an overripe banana. When a banana begins to turn brown, it’s at its peak of sweetness this means that you can even reduce the amount of sweetener you are using. Also, ripe bananas are softer so they will help on blending process.
  • Make your bowl when you’re ready to enjoy it. The longer it sits, the less nutritious it becomes.

Be creative and add yummy and healthy toppings. The Traditional Brazilian Açaí bowl is topped with banana and granola but you can add whatever you like. Choose healthy foods you have on hand and fresh fruits that are in season.


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