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Raw Organic NZ Kale Chips


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Kale chips are nature’s way of saying you can have your greens and enjoy them too! These chips are made from certified organic kale, grown in New Zealand. They are a super crunchy – and super delicious – superfood.

The flavourings are made using a secret recipe of vegan organic cashew cheese, which is naturally fermented using a culture of tummy-friendly bacteria (lactobacillus) and given an extra kick with natural herbs and spices.

ROAR Raw Organic Kale Chips - 30g


kale* | cashews* | ev olive oil* | red onion* (only in rosemary & sea salt flavour) | herbs and spices | sea salt* | lactobacillus acidophilus culture

*certfied organic

Allergen Information
Made in a factory that processes nuts & seeds.

Eat as a snack or sprinkle over salads and soups for extra texture and taste. Kale chips are packed full of flavour and will leave you wanting to eat more no matter how you choose to eat them.

This organic kale is soaked to reduce oxalates (which can strip the body of nutrients) and then dehydrated with special seasonings. Part of the seasoning mixture is made from organic cashews which that have been fermented with stomach friendly bacteria.

Health Benefits
Kale chips are high in dietary fibre helping to leave you feeling satieted. They also contain vitamin E and unsaturated fats which are good for the skin, brain, heart and cells (anti-ageing). They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals for general wellbeing and packed full of high quality protein. They are also highly anti-inflamatory (i.e. alkalising).

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Country of Origin
Made in New Zealand


Additional Info from ROAR

ROAR Kale chips are made out of the very healthy green leafy vegetable called kale and are raw (i.e. not heated above 45°C), vegan and organic.
ROAR kale chips are not deep fried, but dehydrated at low temperatures so that they are in actual fact, raw. This means no deep fried oil, only extra healthy, extra virgin olive oil.

ROAR Kale chips are not flavoured with flavour enhancers or artificial ingredients, but rather with fermented cashew cheese (which is vegan) that is fermented using a special tummy friendly bacteria, much like what is in yoghurt (except vegan) and is seasoned with special herbs and spices and unrefined certified organic New Zealand sea salt.

ROAR Kale chips are light and crunchy. They will melt in your mouth and are packed full of delicious flavour. You will not be compromising on taste to eat healthy here. If you haven’t tried kale chips before we are sure you will be more than pleasantly surprised with how delicious they are.

Kale: our kale is locally grown in Waiuku, Auckland, NZ and is certified organic (Asure Quality). We use a unique blend nutrient dense varieties of the cavalo nero – which is also known as black kale, tuscan kale or dinosaur kale – and curly kale in our kale chips. Kale is from the Brassica family and is more closely related to wild cultivars of wild cabbage than cultivated cabbage is today. It has been a popular vegetable in Europe since the middle ages.

Cashew nuts: in ROAR kale chips are sourced from Vietnam and are certified organic (Bio-gro). Cashews are not, in fact, nuts, but rather the seed of the cashew fruit – otherwise known as the cashew apple.

Lactobacillis culture: in ROAR kale chips is sourced from one of the top makers of probiotic cultures in the world. We use a vegan friendly culture that is packed full of beneficial bacteria (otherwise known as a high CFU – colony forming units). The culture is then left to ferment the cashews to further develop both flavour and the health properties of the our kale chips.

Extra virgin olive oil: we use certified organic (Bio-gro) Italian extra virgin olive oil in our kale chips. It is unrefined and cold-pressed for maximum flavour and health.

Sea Salt: is sourced from Marborough, NZ. It is 100% natural, sun-dried sea salt. It contains all of the micro-nutrients that is expected in this natural product and is Bio-gro certified organic.

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