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Organic Black Pepper Ground

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Past it's best before date but still fine to use. To lessen unnecessary food waste, reduced to clear.

(learn more about best before dates and food waste here)

This organic ground black pepper is a perfect seasoning for any meal. This Sri Lankan ground pepper from PODIE is high quality and organic.

Organic Fairtrade Black Pepper Ground - 40g

  • Fairtrade
  • Organic

Spices and Fair Trade
Throughout history, the spice trade has created many wealthy empires. 500 years ago, European powers used ships and guns to take control of the spice trade, colonising great chunks of the tropics in the process and cruelly exploiting spice growers. As a legacy of colonisation, spice growers are still poorly paid. By supporting Fair Trade, you make the world a fairer place by helping to provide adequate housing, medical assistance, and education funds for spice growers and their families.

Fun Fact
At one time a more reliable standard of currency than gold, pepper is still the world's most popular spice.

Best Before

Country of Origin
Sri Lanka

Made By


PODIE (People's Organisation for Development Import and Export) was established in 1985 in Negombo, on Sri Lanka’s western coast and aims to raise the living standard of small-scale farmer communities within Sri Lanka. PODIE buys directly from producers and exports their products directly to fair traders around the world, and their stated aims are:

  • To boost the income of small scale farmers by offering them a higher price than the prevailing market price
  • To create an awareness among small-scale spice producers about the importance of practising organic farming and thereby motivate them to adhere to these practices
  • To improve the standards of production at the farm level by providing them with necessary infrastructure facilities
  • To explore new markets so that the total volume of organic spice produce harvested by the farmers can be purchased by PODIE
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